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Established: circa July 2007

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So, is this the “Official” site of Jenny Everywhere?
Well, technically, no. Since Jenny Everywhere does not belong to anyone in particular, there is no such thing as an “Official” site. However, the original site would have been the closest thing to an “Official” site. The Shifter Archive, however, is backed by a number of people from the initial creators of Jenny. This is also the definitive archival site for The Shifter… not that there is any other site like this aside from the Wikipedia entry (Which was mostly redone after The Shifter Archive went live). Will I call this site the “Official” site? No. Technically, it’s a “fan site”!

What is The Shifter Archive Project?
This is a response to the old Jenny Everywhere site going down without notice. This site is inspired by the original. designed for familiarity. The purpose of this site is to archive and back up any and all Jenny Everywhere project!

The Shifter Archive is non-profit, and we do not claim any rights to anything post on this site, unless noted. Some of the content is posted with permission, some of it is not, only because we can’t get a hold of the original creator(s). If the work exists elsewhere online, The Shifter Archive does not post it, unless we have permission.

What are these “Shifter Archive Interpretations”?
Well, we try to make sure we are not putting words into the mouths of the original creators. When you see areas where we specify our own interpretations, it is a summation of much research, designed to expand explanations and clarify intent and understanding. Like the Supreme Court without any actual power. Feel free to ask us questions, or clarify any concerns you may have. Outside of trying to contact the original creators, this site is your best bet for the best possible answers and interpretations.

Why are there so many links/levels to all of the content?
Because The Shifter Archive both hosts and links out to content, there is a need for “splash pages” designed to contain information; as well as be ready for host/link switch. Also, the way the site is set up in organization, it was the best way to structure things, in my opinion.

Are you making money off of this site?
The Archive is primarily, and nearly 100%, covered out of pocket. Any money received through this site may be used to advertise the website itself, but mostly and funds will go to our host for server costs. No profit is made through this site. It all goes to supporting the site itself. The host relies on donations to help cover server costs. Actually, funds may also go to advertising this site or contests as well. But yes, it remains non-profit.

Ads should not appear on content pages, except for directly submitted works and permission granted. However, Ads appear on the Art Section because I can;t figure the coding to remove them from those types of posts. The ads themselves are across several websites, and The Shifter Archive has the lowest continuous traffic because of its nature.

Will you host my Jenny Everywhere comic, art, story, etc?
Short answer: Yes. Long answer: We will normally link OUT to where you have your comic, art, story, etc. hosted so you get the hits. In fact we would prefer it. However, we can host your stuff here. The only catch is that you won’t be able to hot-link images, and the page design will be like the rest of our hosted stuff. The site exists as an archive, not a multi-personal site.

For people with their own Jenny Everywhere stories and websites, you may contact us to get a [title] redirection URL. We set up most of the stories on the site with such URLs, for ease of linking.

Who is the man behind the curtain?
Fes Works is the curator of the “official-unofficial” archive for The Shifter. He’s gotten a deal of help from Benj Christensen as well.

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