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Jenny Everywhere Day 2013

From Benj Chrsitensen, whom runs the Jenny Everywhere Day website:

Well it’s August and that means it’s time to get serious about this year’s Jenny Everywhere Day event!

The event is August 13th which is a Monday. This will be the forth year of the event. In 2009 we had 9 submissions, 2010 saw 14 submissions, and 2011 had 19 submissions. If early feedback is
any indication we’re on track for another great year.

As with years past a submission is appreciated, but the real purpose of the event is to spread the word about Jenny Everywhere and try to inspire people that may not have heard of her. So please, tell your creative-type friends about the character and the event. Direct them to as well as

As always I appreciate any efforts you can put forth and I completely understand if you’re busy with other pursuits.

While a submission is greatly appreciated, the real purpose of the event is to spread the word about Jenny Everywhere and try to inspire people that may not have heard of her to take a look. So please, tell your creative friends about the character and the event. Tell any media outlets you feel would be willing to cover this story.

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99% updated! … again…

I should also say that The Shifter Archive is again 99% updated. But really, I think with all of the content on this site, I think It was ALWAYS be at 99% up to date. Maybe technically down to 98% when Jenny Everywhere Day posts stuff.

What I have in the catalog are a few questionable items (if they are Jenny and/or if I’m allowed to post them or not) and some that I was told not to post. There are also some things that are “references” or “mentions” (mostly in text form, or articles). I typically don’t post those because of tediousness, and it’s not entirely interesting, or productive, to simply post anything and everything. I’m mainly looking at art, comics, and written stories.

There’s also, a large assortment of written stories. Since I never really had a great way to post those, I tended to keep pushing them back. I’m hoping I can get those posted in some form this summer. A lot of “Ficly” stories are out there, so I might need to change that to landing page, or just keep adding that to the “Writings” section.

Anyways, in addition to The Shifter Archive website, there are a few Tumblrs you could keep track of new Jenny appearances:

Jenny Everywhere Day
Run by Benj Christensen. With Jenny Everywhere Day coming up for August 13, 2013, now is the chance to submit some Jenny art or comics; as well as watching the blog this August for people’s submissions.

Ask Jenny Everywhere
An “Ask Blog” featuring Zack Holmes’s version of Jenny Everything (the crazy eccentric one). Some sketches here and there, too. Go ahead! Ask Jenny A question!

The Shifter Archive Tumblr
I will likely be posting things on here as well as The Shifter Archive home page. But these posts are essentially re-posts of what is already archived. The posts will showcase contributors and sources, all set up as articles with links and images.

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Assorted Update for July 2013!

Assorted update! Trying to crank out a few more updates before Jenny Everywhere Day next month! I’m mostly lacking on written stories, partly because I don’t have a good system for them. Again, I apologize for the delays with updating various submissions. It seems that I missed several submissions from years back. If you feel I have missed anything, please send another email. I’ve constructed a new method of handling emails, so I think I’ll be better organized moving forward.

In addition to new submissions and sightings, found is an illustration by Alex Garcia that is used in the Jenny Everywhere In Oz written story by Kass Stone. Also submitted was an illustration, by Anthony Castrillo to a written story by Barry Reese called “The Devil’s Spear” found in The Rook – Volume Five  (available on as part of an collection of short stories).

CatherineKing01  AnthonyCastrillo01 TonyWolf04 TonyWolf05

NedIvory03 Peileppe01 SWjenny03 MiaYim01 ErnstJan01

Also cameos including Question Duck, Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit, Incubus Tales, and Lightning Made of Owls.

questionduck-profile gilbertandgrim-profile IncubusTales-profile lightningmadeofowls-profile

One of the most interesting sets of contributions are by Paul Hoppe who was drawing his own versions of existing Jennys from various stories. He also created the Tales to Behold series which features Jenny as a cast member (which is also now available for purchase!)

PaulHoppe07 - fanart of Soulless Mate PaulHoppe08 - fanart of Quarktime PaulHoppe09 - fanart of Chronicles PaulHoppe10 - fanart of HolidayPandemonium PaulHoppe11 - fanart for CrossOverThingie PaulHoppe12 - fanart for WhenCastingCalls PaulHoppe13 - fanart of HostileTakeover-1 PaulHoppe14 - fanart of HostileTakeover-2 PaulHoppe15 - fanart of CrossingOverWorlds

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