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Ask Jenny Everywhere Tumblr and Jenny Everywhere Day coming up!

Has anyone seen this yet? Has anyone asked Jenny a question? Started a little over a year ago by Zack Holmes.

Also, Jenny Everywhere Day is coming up in about a month! Get some submissions into!

July 10, 2013 | Comments Off on Ask Jenny Everywhere Tumblr and Jenny Everywhere Day coming up!

New additions for 2013!

Yes! Finally got to pick up some of the slack and update the site from the backlog!

Nigel Palmer:
Jenny Everywhere Signing Off
A short, 6 page story. FINALLY FOUND AND UPDATED!

HomemadeRocket-60Neil J Devlin:
Homemade Rocket
A single strip contribution during the White Chapel REMAKE/REMODEL: Jenny Everywhere

And other contributions of the White Chapel REMAKE/REMODEL: Jenny Everywhere have been updated to the archive in the Images sections.

EDIT: I have also updated the archives for Jenny Everywhere Day 2012. I am now done with all BULK updates. Next chance I get, I will attack the submissions I’ve received over the past year. If you have submitted something… you could ping me once again.

March 15, 2013 | Comments Off on New additions for 2013!

Jenny Everywhere Day 2012 recap

Jenny Everywhere’s 11th birthday was Monday, August 13, 2012! You can catch updates as they happened at the Jenny Everywhere Day blog, run by Benj Christensen, starting here for 2012 entries. A total of 14 submissions this year, which is par with 2010’s entries, but 5 entries shy of beating 2012’s (her 10th birthday) submissions.

Though more good news was that The Shifter Archive also had a decent number of updates from an ever increasing back-log. HOWEVER, it is believed the gap become much smaller this year. Once we update the site with the 38 Jenny arts from the Warren Ellis’ White Chapel REMAKE/REMODEL forum project, the gap will be SIGNIFICANTLY smaller. The trouble is mostly in creating new creator profiles for everyone, which includes links to find them. Then archiving the images, making a thumbnails that link out to where they are posted.

Adding artwork is actually easier than adding comics… especially if the comics have more than one creator. While I *did* make the new Shifter Archive much easier to work with, by moving it to a WordPress blog from all HTML, there is still an amount of tediousness. Everything on the site is built to handle hosting Jenny images and comics, should the original ever disappear.

August 16, 2012 | Comments Off on Jenny Everywhere Day 2012 recap