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Ideas & Trends: The Sharing Society; In the Age of the Internet, Whatever Will Be Will Be Free
by Steve Lohr – September 14, 2003

“In [Cananda], a small group of artists and editors has set up a Web site for Jenny Everywhere, an increasingly popular open-source cartoon…. What all this means for the future of intellectual property, and some businesses, is as unpredictable as the open-source revolution itself….”



Jenny Everywhere: A Hero For The People, No Strings Attached
by Tony Walsh – September 2003

“The pinstripe world of corporately-owned superheroes is about to get shattered by a time-bomb named The Shifter. This sassy superheroine was born in a colossal explosion of energy like many of her copyrighted cousins, but unlike Superman or the Hulk, she belongs wholly to the people.”


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In Search of Jenny Everywhere
by Sebastian Mary – March 17, 2008

“I wasn’t part of Jenny’s genesis. I came across her only recently, while hunting for something else, and was fascinated. An explicitly open-source character: neither a proprietary figure repurposed on the fringes of legality by fan communities, nor a mythic and hence uncopyrightable figure, nor one whose copyright has simply lapsed, but a set of narrative opportunities co-created and available for everyone to use. As much a political gesture as an artistic framework. I wanted evidence that she’d grown beyond that initial idea.”


The Webcomic Beacon

Podcast Episode 20: Jenny Everywhere
by Fes Works and Aaron Lewis – April 18, 2008

The Webcomic Beacon, a webcomic podcast, did a show on Jenny Everywhere. Participants included Steven Wintle, Nelson Evergreen, Scott D. M. Simmons, and Benj Christensen. All have worked on Jenny Everywhere in some form.


The Shifter Archive

Jenny Everywhere Presentation
by Fes Works and Benj Christensen – 2011

At GeekKon 5, in 2011, Fes Works and Benj Christensen worked together to form a new presentation on Jenny Everywhere. It had been video recorded, and is now available online!

WATCH PRESENTATION (50 minutes – 4 parts) >

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