Shifter Archive showcase: Alex Hernandez, Andres Allocco, John Miers, Mario Torres II, Nico Bovoso, and Tony Wolf.

Writer Alex Hernandez, with artist Andres Allocco and artist John Miers.
Plus artist Mario Torres IIartist Nico Bovoso, and artist Tony Wolf.

Let’s take a look at one of the busiest writer in the early days of Jenny Everywhere; Alex Hernandez. If you look at the first 13, complete Jenny Everywhere comic stories (technically 14, but I’ll get to that below), Alex had written SIX of them.

I don’t have a lot of information about Alex himself, so I can only look at the comics he has done, and the artists that he has worked with.

Alex worked with artist Andres Allocco on three (3) different comics including:

  • Holiday Pandemonium, where Jenny goes on holiday and ends up getting gender swapped by trickster Pan.
  • Graveyard Shift, where Jenny meets a hapless hapless inspector that just doesn’t get it.
  • Beauty as a Beast, is Jenny finding herself within the story of Snow White and doing things her own way.

There is another comic that was drawn by Andres Allocco and written by Daniel Bocchiglier. This is that “14th” early Jenny Everywhere comic I mentioned earlier. On the original Jenny Everywhere website, it was listed, but later removed.

That comic is New York Chaos. (possible trigger warning: terrorism) Now most of the reason for the removal was that Jenny… portrayed as a revolutionist… ended with exploding a USA landmark in New York, and inadvertently killing to government agents. While many would agree that is “questionable” material, many people argued that it just didn’t fit Jenny’s character. Which is a great example of how the character of Jenny, if someone’s take on her, can be judged by the invested community, even though she is an open source character.


Alex Hernandez also worked with artist Mario Torres II and colorist Nico Bovoso to create the most notable example of the multiverse concept, often used with Jenny: Makeshift Multiverse. Makeshift Multiverse has Jenny, meeting four other Jennys

from various universes. I believe this is the first Jenny Everywhere comic to directly tackle this concept. We’ll talk about more in the future.

Alex also worked with artist John Miers to create Bacterial Lunarversity, in which Jenny is up to no good on a lunar station, and we get an interpretation on her survivability.

Another comic, not included with the listed early comics on the original website (but would have likely been close to #15 or #16), is Say The Word, with art done by Tony Wolf. Here Jenny meets… “god”… possibly an alien that would have the Earth believe he is god. Tony also has several pieces of artwork of Jenny on his Shifter Archive profile.

So this was a major focus on Alex Hernandez and his multiple, early writing contributions to Jenny Everywhere (Almost HALF of the early works). I’ll be looking at the last few contributors and comics from the early years, for the next post.

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