Shifter Archive showcase: David “Sax” Barnet, John Miers, Catherine Wright, and David LoTempio

Contributors: Writer David “Sax” Barnet; Artist John Miers, Artist Catherine Wright; Creator David LoTempio

Wrapping up the “Early Comics” (as originally posted on the original Jenny Everywhere website), let’s revisit John Miers, as mentioned last time.

John Miers also worked with writer David “Sax” Barnet to create My Bloody Valentine, where Jenny mentally leaps between her other selves in other universes, seeing her other selves’ boyfriends.

An interesting thing about My Bloody Valentine, is that Alex Hernandez worked with artist Scott D. M. Simmons (more on him in a future post) to create a “spiritual sequel” to it, called Soulless Mate. Soulless Mate focuses on one of the boyfriend’s from My Bloody Valentine, including his Valentine’s Day gift, a Necronomicon… and a shifting misstep.

This is a great example of linking continuities between different comics. Though I remind people that they need to still obtain permission to take or “borrow” elements/characters from other people’s comics. Because, yes, Jenny Everywhere is an open source character, but everyone can still maintain the copyrights on their own Jenny designs, stories, art, and other characters.

David “Sax” Barnet also worked with Catherine Wright to create the first Jenny comic to REALLY experiment with the multiverse with their comic The Death of Jenny Everywhere. This comic brought up the idea of different types of Jennys, including her as a black person, a cat, and even a transgendered person. She is, after all, capable in existing in all realities at at once, so the possibilities of her are technically infinite!

The Death of Jenny Everywhere also inspired future creators Benj Christensen and Gwen Patton with their comic endeavors, but more on that in a future post!

Special note: David Barnett also wrote about his early experience with Jenny Everywhere, as well as his discovery in 2008 when he found out that people were still talking about and creating comics with Jenny. You can read his article on The Guardian.

The last one of the “Early Comics” is by David LoTempio with his Mrs. Zirma comic, which brought up more of a supernatural element into it than most of the other early comics.

Image Credits:
1st image © John Miers
2nd image © Catherine Wright

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The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.


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