Shifter Archive showcase: Nelson Evergreen, Rob Cave, and Joe Macaré

Artist Nelson Evergreen with writers Rob Cave and Joe Macaré

While the aviator goggles and scarf are a staple of Jenny Everywhere from the beginning, it is arguable that Nelson Evergreen helped to solidify the aviator coat look.

In addition to that, Nelson drew the single page comic with writer Rob Cave, known as The Late Shift. It was a simple, to the point, introduction to Jenny Everywhere. Being one page, that made it quite easy to share and be seen by many. It would not be surprising if you have heard of Jenny Everywhere, that you may have also heard of Nelson Evergreen (and vice versa).

But this was not Nelson’s first comic with Jenny. Actually, Nelson Evergreen, with writer Joe Macaré, are credited with having the first complete comic story featuring Jenny Everywhere. This comic was Names Not Down. This comic really solidified the portrayal of the “rebellious Jenny”, other artists and writers have used in several other comics in later years. (we’ll discuss other “types” of Jennys in a future post.)

Several of the early comics were produced by members of the Barbelith Underground forums, where Jenny Everywhere was created. Many of the early comics were only

about 8 pages, and were one-off stories. Nelson and Joe ended up working together again to bring a 2-part comic set, totaling 20 pages.

This was A Damn Fine Hostile Takeover part 1 and part 2. And I believe it to be in the same continuity as Names Not Down. In the early days, it was stated that Jenny exists in multiple realities at once, making it so that technically she could be in continuity with all of her comics, from varying creators.

At the end of A Damn Fine Hostile Takeover, part 2, there was the first appearance of Jenny Nowhere. Nelson talks about his time with Jenny Everywhere, and a little bit about Jenny Nowhere, on the 20th episode of The Webcomic Beacon podcast(another post will be made about Jenny Nowhere, in the future)

Since these comics, Nelson has made various artwork for Jenny, and even added her as a small cameo in a comic Damienne Hobbes Reflects. But aside from this, Nelson has moved on to other comic properties and illustrations.

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