Shifter Archive showcase: Scott D. M. Simmons

Contributor: Creator Scott D. M. Simmons

I know I said we went through all of the “Early comics”, but we’ve got one more, and that’s Scott D. M. Simmons! Let’s start off with a look back at a comic previously suggested: Soulless Mate

Soulless Mate had an interesting relation with John Miers and David Barnett‘s My Bloody Valentine comic. Scott D. M. Simmons worked with a Alex Hernandez to create a “spiritual sequel” to Soulless Mate, and focuses on one of the boyfriend’s from My Bloody Valentine, including his Valentine’s Day gift, a Necronomicon… and a shifting misstep.

This is a great example of linking continuities between different comics. Though I remind people that they need to still obtain permission to take or “borrow” elements/characters from other people’s comics. Because, yes, Jenny Everywhere is an open source character, but everyone can still maintain the copyrights on their own Jenny designs, stories, art, and other characters.

Scott also demonstrates a common thing for Jenny Everywhere artists, and that is relatively maintaining the same Jenny Everywhere design across multiple projects. Scott’s design was also the subject of the first photographed Jenny with Zuperiority Complex. Unfortunately there is only one page, and a headshot.

In trying to bring together a collaborative comic creation project, Scott started the Miss Adventure Comic Jam. Only four artists got in on this, where it was designed as a round-robin effort to draw a new page to the comic, based only on the previous ones drawn.

Later on, Scott was invited by Benj Christensen, to be the artist for his comic, The Jenny Everywhere Chronicles. More on Benj and Chronicles in a future post!

Lastly, as with a few other early creators, Scott also appeared on the Jenny Everywhere episode of the Webcomic Beacon podcast!

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The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.

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