Jenny Everywhere Day

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Jenny Everywhere Day is Jenny’s birthday. In 2009, it was agreed upon by The Shifter Archive and a few individuals, that Jenny Everywhere’s “birthday” was the 13th of August, 2001. This is when Steven Wintle first proposed the main concept of Jenny Everywhere to the Barbelith Underground. She wasn’t fully realized until a several weeks later, and her first comic appearance, several weeks after that. But that is how it happens in real life: One is born and is then nurtured and grows.

The first year of Jenny Everywhere Day was celebrated in 2009, headed by Fes Works and Benj Christensen. There was a collaborative birthday postcard project, artwork collections, several stories that were presented during the time, and an official trailer premiered for a live action, (yet-to-be-filmed) independent film with Jenny as a character!

In 2010, Benj Christensen headed the project with a new website, and started campaigning and collecting artwork on his own. While a submission is greatly appreciated, the real purpose of the event is to spread the word about Jenny Everywhere and try to inspire people that may not have heard of her to take a look. So please, tell your creative friends about the character and the event. Tell any media outlets you feel would be willing to cover this story.

2009: 9 Submitters
2010: 14 Submitters
2011: 19 Submitters
2012: 12 Submitters

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