Lettera Jenny

A Short Collaborative Project of Writing and Art

Creators / Copyright:
Written by Mattia Bulgarelli, with artwork by Manuela Soriani, Michela Da Sacco, Francesca Da Sacco, and Francesca Zambon.

Jenny Creation Date: June 10, 2009

Original Source: YATTAAA! 5 ANNI DI MAILINGLIST (Italian Website)
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Related Websites: Yattaaa! (Italian)
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“I wrote a little thing, using the character of Jenny. It is an homage for the 5th anniversary of an Italian mailing list [Yattaaa] about women in comics (both characters and artist). So I thought: “what’s better than a female character that could be in EVERY story?”

Here it is, the work is made up by a letter I wrote (in the fiction, by Jenny) to the mailing list, recalling all the nice stories she saw, shifting through the universes… The same stories we people read in other comics.

The characters Jenny met are various, and some are portrayed in the illustration by EdenStudio (Manuela Soriani, Michela Da Sacco, Francesca Da Sacco) and Francesca Zambon.

Hope you like it, even if it’s in Italian (and maybe talks about some characters not famous where you live).” -Mattia Bulgarelli

Some “Making Of” the illustrations:

The Characters portrayed are:
– Nausicaa from “Nausicaa of the valley of the winds” (Ghibli Studio/Hayao Miyazaki)
– Desdemona Metus from “L’Insonne – Desdy Metus” (created by Giuseppe di Bernardo, now published in Italy by Arcadia Edizioni)
– Rebecca “Legs” Weaver from “Nathan Never” and “Legs Weaver” (created by M. Medda, A. Serra, B. Vigna; copyright Sergio Bonelli Editore)

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