Strip Fight

Strip Fight was a bi-monthly (?) contest in which a theme was pick for contestants to make a comic around. The results were subsequently voted on. Two separate competitions (Round #5 and Round 136) were focused on Jenny Everywhere.

Jenny Creation Dates: April 2004 and October 2007

Original Source: offline/missing

Read on The Shifter Archive:
 Round #5 (10 Entries), Round #136 (8 Entries)

Round #5
In April 2004, Strip Fight set up Round Five. In Round Five, the contestants had to draw a Jenny Everywhere strip. While many of these are great, the winner was Brian Fukushima with Jenny Everywhere in the Land of Journal Comics. He received 36 votes for a winning total of 22.5% of all votes.

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Creators / Copyrights: Aaron Brassea, Alex Bullet, Brian Fukushima, Devin MacNiel, Dalton Sharp, “Ex”, iamjamie, Mike Stevens, Stephen Burrell, and Tony Walsh

Round #136
In October 2007, Strip and The Shifter Archive set up an encore of Strip Fight Round 5. The winner to Round 136 was Aaron Brassea with a 3.38/5 rank vote.

Creators / Copyrights: Aaron Brassea, Hushicho, Si9mon Larsen, Tim Winkelman, Vince Beeble, and Mike Stevens


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