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On December 3rd, 2010, Warren Ellis instigated an open invitation for his forum community to submit Jenny Everywhere renditions.

 Contributors: (profiles under construction)
Jack Crowder, Mike Parsons, Tyler Ragan, Tristan Davis, Megatron Boyson, “DisContent”, Alan Sinder, Christopher Turner, Peter Chalker, Keith Perkins, Louis L aka “allNamesRefused”, “mushi”, David Bednarski, Michael Nelson, Ken Miller, “BatGuano”, William Cunningham aka “oddbill”, Calliope Den Ouden aka “Yskaya”, “kmcleod”, Sebastian Fowler, Neil Ford, Stephanie Lantry, Miranda Harter aka “RanRan”Segura Christophe aka “crysse”, Thom Marrion, -3-, Neil Delaney aka “Vandal Handle”, Neil J Devlin aka “Neil Ofsteel”, Herr Hussein, Michael Nimmo, Paul Sizer, Manny Hernaez aka “mojokingbee”, David Valente, Jason A Quest, Fes Works, Fred Greiner, and Ed Sludden

You can find links to the images themselves on the link above, or check our Inside Hosted Images, and Outside Hosted Images.

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