A Trip to the Moon

This was a “fictlet”, a short piece of fiction,  designed to be added to by other contributors. The website it was on has since changed names, and the original posting could not be located.

Creator/ Copyright: Jared Rourke

Jenny Creation Date: May 8th, 2008

Original Source: Fictlets.com (original source missing)

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“What’s that?” Tor asked.

I cracked one open eye to see him pointing up. I followed his lead and recognized that there was indeed something slowly creeping in front of the sun. Something big.

So much for that suntan.

I stood and stretched. “C’mon,” I said. “Let’s investigate.”

“Aw, do we have to?” he asked. I have to admit he looked cute and vulnerable in his birthday suit, not like someone I should be asking to jet into outer space with me to investigate the giant thingamajiggy in the sky.

“It’s our duty. Okay, not our duty, but my duty, and your duty by proxy of being my friend.”

“But you don’t have a duty, either.”

“Get your pants on. We’re going to outer space.”

Minutes later, and we were on our way, courtesy of one personally owned bad-ass space shuttle. Pointless for someone who can be anywhere at anytime, you say? I say fuck you, it’s cool.

As we moved closer, flying through the air, we could make out what exactly the object was.

It was a giant sperm.

And it was heading toward the moon.

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